Pure Indian Foods Grass-Fed Organic Ghee Review + Giveaway!

I recently received a jar of Pure Grass-Fed Organic Ghee from Pure Indian Foods. The quality is amazing; sweet cream aroma, vibrant golden hue and exquisite taste!


I was more than excited to open this jar and share some recipes with you!

Yes, it is not terribly hard to make ghee, I’ve done it before. It just takes patience and a few common kitchen tools. Why make it when you can buy it from professionals?!


Pure Indian Foods has been making ghee for generations. In fact, this is made by a fifth-generation, family-owned ghee business since 1889.

Not only do they make great traditional ghee, but they also offer many different varieties.

• Original Ghee
• Cultured Ghee
• Coconut Ghee

Six Amazing Flavor Combinations

• Digestive Ghee
• Garlic Ghee
• Herbes de Provence Ghee
• Indian Dessert Ghee
• Italian Ghee
• Niter Kebbeh Ghee (Ethiopian Spiced)

Next time I try Pure Indian Foods Ghee, I would love to get the Indian Dessert Ghee for use in Banana-Ghee Ice Cream and Besan Laddu.

I loved using this ghee to make traditional South Indian dish, Ven Pongal.

A spoonful of ghee is especially nice in a bowl of hot lentil soup!
The most simple of my ghee-licious journeys was an egg, fried in ghee, sprinkled with wild onions, shiitake mushrooms, black pepper and Himalayan pink salt.

From Pure Indian Foods:

Grass Fed Organic Ghee: A Healthy Alternative to Butter

Our organic Indian ghee is made using grass fed cow’s milk. We don’t add salt, preservatives, trans fats, dyes, colors, or anything else to our ghee. The only ingredient in our ghee is non-homogenized milk.

Grass-fed organic ghee offers all the wonderful flavors of butter, but with the shelf life of cooking oils. Ghee is gluten-free and provides healthy fats, a variety of practical cooking applications, and the buttery taste you love on your favorite foods. Ghee is highly potent so a little bit goes a long way, making it last longer than an equivalent quantity of butter. Bake, fry, sauté, and change your diet for the better today with organic Indian ghee from Pure Indian Foods!

I love Pure Indian Food’s grass-feed organic ghee so much that the Agarwal family has agreed to allow me to host a giveaway!


If you are anxious to try some now, by all means, don’t waste any time and order away here.

For those who would like to try your luck, Garden of Good Eatin’ and Pure Indian Foods will be giving away one 14-ounce jar of original ghee. This rafflecopter drawing ends 12/15!

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Disclaimer: Pure Indian Foods provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

4 thoughts on “Pure Indian Foods Grass-Fed Organic Ghee Review + Giveaway!

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  4. hey there! i also found ghee in germany these days and am completely fascinated by it’s taste. I hope i can show more people through my blog the advantages of this nice product!

    Wish u all the best,

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