My name is Idara Wolf.


I have a wonderful partner, Rion Wolf, who supports my cooking endeavors and is an eager taste tester (not to mention, an incredible, handsome award-winning actor among other talents).


I am passionate about cooking with nutritious, whole, unprocessed foods.

Why should the corporations have all the fun of processing, when I can do it myself?!

I absolutely LOVE sharing health, nutrition, education and was blessed to be doing what I love best.

Personally, I have gluten and slight lactose sensitivities and thanks to self-reflection and talking open and honestly with friends, was able to figure this out.

I know how it feels to think I would not be able to eat wheat and gluten foods, so I strive to find and share recipes to let us all eat at the table together.

Click to read My Gluten Free Story.

When I am not in the kitchen, I enjoy bike riding, crocheting (Love, Loops & Knots – my Facebook Crochet Store) , attending church and going on adventures with the love of my life.

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