Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event Recap – Austin, TX

The Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event was an awesome event! I am so grateful for being able to attend and meet some great bloggers, wonderful companies and others passionate about optimum health!


First off, it was a pleasure meet bloggers like Pam from I’m a Celiac, Janie from Mindful Peace Om, Holly from Celiac Chronicles, April from Gluten Free Austin, Angela from Celiac Hashi Girl, Jaime from G-Free in the City, Elyse of Live Learn LifeBeth Mincher and Nikki Everett who is in charge of this amazing event!

Andrea and Jay from Red Apple Lipstick were great at bringing the excitement and getting me to try colors I would’ve never dreamed of!

Red Apple Lipstick is a gluten-free, allergen-free, paraben-free lip & eye makeup company based out of Houston, TX. Amazing people behind stunning colors!


I absolutely love the Brandy Candy Lip Gloss I got! Smooth, shiny & minty! Here is me and Andrea after applying Firefly Lipstick & Gold Eyeshadow.


Being new to Austin, I was able to try some great Austin products like Thunderbird Energetica, OatMega Bar,  and Better Bites Bakery.


I was definitely impressed with the raw, vegan, grain-free bars that Thunderbird offers in compostable packaging! I learned about them through an Austin company, Greenling, that offers local delivery of local organic products  — for free! So cool!

My Fit Foods, Green Plate Foods and up-and-coming Ebenezer Foods company were also present at the event. It is great to see so many Austin companies making it quick and easy to eat healthy and gluten-free.

I learned that Mr. Gatti’s Pizza also featured another local brand, SmartFlour, for their gluten-free pizza crust. It is made of some of my favorite gluten-free grains; sorghum, teff and amaranth – absolutely delectable!

Of course, the pizza was so conveniently placed next to the GF Bar.

Tito’s Vodka, an Austin-based company, made the best mixed drink thanks to a blend from JuiceLand that had a ginger kick. So good!

Leprechaun Hard Cider was also there. It is always nice to try a new apple cider brew. Though the business is in Austin, the apples actually come from Oregon. Pomegranate Cider?! Yes, please!

New Planet Gluten-Free beer, from Colorado, had plenty beer to sample. Gluten free beer that tastes like beer!! I loved the Brown Ale. Reminds me of when I used to drink gluten-filled IPAs from my hometown brewery.


Though New Planet currently sources organic heirloom corns, they will soon be switching to rices in it’s place to be fully certified as a Non-GMO beverage!

After consuming that alcohol, Little Herds had a great Chocolate ‘Chirp’ Cookie from Little Herds to soak it up! Little Herds is a charitable organization based in Austin that promotes edible insects for sustainable purposes.


The Roasted Crickets alone were the best bar food type snack! They were a lot like roasted pumpkin seeds, but a little airy like puffed rice.

They will have a Future Food Salon event on February 19th for anyone interested and getting more bugs in their bellies!

Freedom Foods cereal comes all the way from Australia. They are an amazing cereal packed with fiber and nutrients. Absolutely love the Pro-Teen Cereal, because who doesn’t love Chickpeas and bananas?!


Juice Plus+ was there with an amazing Tower Garden! It is a simple pole designed to hold no soil, but grow plants with water and some grow solutions to help balance the pH. An amazing aeroponic setup for people with small area for gardening space.


There were some of my favorite Colorado brands like Noosa Yoghurt, Udi’s, Glutino and Rudi’s which all had samples of their fine gluten-free bread & cookie products. It was nice to see so many happy children excited to try foods they could eat without adverse side-effects.

I was able to try many other products for the first time. Companies such as KIND Snacks, Namaste FoodsEnjoy Life Foods, Kinnikinnick Foods, Bakery on Main Cereal, Veronica’s Health Crunch, SayCheezZ Brazilian Cheese Balls and even Delight Gluten Free Magazine.


At the Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event, there was lots to see and learn. It was nice to be surrounded by people who care about their health and strive to find products that make life less complicated.

For people new to a gluten & allergen-free lifestyle, there were excellent speakers to learn from.

If the event comes your way, I would recommend going to learn something and get a little snack!

Upcoming Dates:

Charlotte NC – March 29
Nashville TN – April 26
St. Louis, MO – May 31
Little Rock, AR – June 21
Raleigh/Durham NC – August 9 
Virginia Beach, VA – September 13
Hartford CT – October 4
Jacksonville, FL – November 1

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