How to Make Liquid Laundry Detergent

Why pay $10+ for a bottle of laundry detergent when you can make it yourself for ALOT cheaper?!


The ingredients are as natural as you choose them to be. Don’t want artificial dyes and scents in your detergent? Don’t use them!

Most households already have baking soda and dish soap. If you are like our home, liquid castile soap is an essential used for almost everything already. The main thing you will need to get a box of Borax (found in the laundry area). We were lucky enough to actually FIND a box of borax outside on our path, coincidentally, right when were talking about making more laundry soap!

Washing soda, sodium carbonate, is an important part of making laundry soap. No need to buying if you have it on hand.

I am no scientist, but I found it easy to convert baking soda (sodium BIcarbonate) to washing soda (sodium carbonate). (More on the science behind it here)

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent

What you will need:


1 cup borax
1 cup sodium carbonate (use washing soda or make it from baking soda)
1/2 cup Liquid Castile Soap (we used Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap)
1/2 cup dish soap (all-natural is best, Seventh Generation or Ecover is what we used this time)
12 cups boiling water
13 cups cold water


1) Spread one cup of baking soda on baking tray. Put in oven on 400° for 30 minutes. This will convert it into sodium bicarbonate. It will not be as shiny looking as when you first started.

2) Mix sodium carbonate with one cup borax. Add it to a large cleaning bucket.

3) Boil 12 cups of water. Mix it in with the powders. Add the liquid soap as well. Stir well.


4) Add the 13 cups of cold water.

5) Funnel the washing liquid into containers for storage. You can put a little over 8 cups in a reused 75 fl. Oz. container.


Makes 225 Fl. oz. of laundry detergent. (Filling 3 – 75 fl. oz. containers)

$30 of detergent for less than $6!!

Note: This liquid is not thick like store-bought detergent, nor does it get extra sudsy. Additives like glycerin make it thick. This ingredient is not necessary to get clothes clean.

I use one cap full for load of laundry. Use one and a half if extra soiled.

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