Olivio Coconut Spread Review

I saw the Olivio Coconut Spread at the store while doing my big monthly grocery shopping. It was tagged Organic, Vegan, Non-hydrogenated, Non-GMO & ONLY $1.88!!


I had to buy this Olivio Coconut Spread and use it to create something awesome.


Well, that ‘something awesome’ happened. Several times!
I enjoyed using it to top pancakes, muffins, cookies and even used it to make a sour cream/coconut frosting.

Not only does it satisfy a sweet tooth, but it is also good for you!

A big thing that really jumped out at me was the listed ‘sustainable palm oil’ in the ingredients. Ever since I watched this video on the deforestation due to palm oil use, I have been trying to avoid it. Since it was sustainably-sourced, I feel better about this purchase. (Read more at inyourpalm.org)


The spreadability and flavor of this butter alternative is amazing. Though it is not pure coconut oil, I would recommend this creamy spread for many things.

Enjoy Olivio Products


2 thoughts on “Olivio Coconut Spread Review

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